[International Donation] Project for Junsu – JYJ concert in Viet Nam

Hello ^^~~~Chick Hatching From An Egg

We are KJSsmile, Junsu fansite in Viet Nam,  with the new album released JUST US and the comeback of JYJ after 3 years by holding the Asian tour, Viet Nam is proud to be one of the destination in the list. Regarding this, we are planning the project support for Junsu as well as JYJ in order to make the concert will be the unforgettable memory for everyone (ღ˘◡˘ღ).

Kjssmile’s project also get the approvement through the organiser including beloved:

Dancing Hatching Chicken animated emoticonHandbanner  for Junsu’s solo performance: they are giveaways for fans at the concert stadium on 30th Agust

Dancing Hatching Chicken animated emoticon Big banners for Junsu at the stadium: the Banners will be  set up infront of  and inside the stadium

Dancing Hatching Chicken animated emoticon Flower bouquet for Junsu at the press conference  and the bouquet for Junsu in JYJ’s waiting room.

Dancing Hatching Chicken animated emoticon Congratulation flower Shelf for Junsu at the concert. 

Dancing Hatching Chicken animated emoticon Other support activities are still in the discussion with other fansites and organiser, thus we will announce later.

For those support activities to be complete successfully  we – KJSsmile need your support, all of the contribution is highly appreciated. (〃^∇^)

 if the internation fans who are interested and wanna help it out, please send the amount of the support to paypal account


After send the payment please fill out the form belove for us ^___^


For futher information or any confusing, dont be hesitate to ask us by comment in this topic or inbox, message through the social network of KJSsmile such as twitter, facebook, email: kjssmilevn@gmail.com .


Thank you for always support for KJSsmile ^^~~~~




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