[Oversea Order] KJSsmile’s Fan Goods

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Hello this is  KJSsmile ~

Today, KJSsmile  releases the official announcement our foward supporting activities, you guys can update detail info through our website http://kjssmile.net or facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/KJSsmile/142318882544041

Facebook Event: KJSsmile Support – BE SMILE, XIA~! http://www.facebook.com/events/280279078775363/

All of the info for supporting projects such as: Project from XIA FAN UNION , Pre Order Album, Donation rice, Flower banquet, etc  at Musical rounds, Solo concert, ativitites JYJ or Junsu participate in Viet Nam and the others, which will be update through the page’s link above ^__^. This is Be Smile, XIA purpose. Occationally, KJSsmile is  pleasure to make an official annoncement for the 1st project frrom   Project Be Smile, XIA 

Kim Junsu Smile Official Fan Goods (Eclusive Designed)

The Goodies including:

      1.  T-shirt
      2. Mini Banner 
      3. Elastic bracelet


Mini Banner

Elastic Bangle

Our real role-model for T-shirt 


The backward of t-shirt will be changed like the fist pic XIA -12 

 Detail Infomation:

(This’s just the sample, meaning we will change a little bit afterward)

1. T-Shirt

  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Roll-Collar(the reall T-shirt will be more  narrow than the sample’s pics above) )
  • Short sleeve, striking form.
  • Color as the sample in pics
  • Size board : ( please considerate as your size carefully before making pre-order ^^)

2. Mini Banner

  • Material: Printed in Eco silk (friendly for environment)
  • Colors as the designed sample 
  • Size: 50cm x 20cm

3. Elsatic Bangle

  • Material: Elsatic silicone
  • Printed sinkingly 
  • Colors as the designed sample

  Order Information:

  • Deadline pre-order and payment: 15/6/2013 – 15/7/2013 (1 month)
  • Starting Shipping and Delivery:  31/7/2013
  • After summarize the amount of Goodies (T-shirt, banners, bangle) we will offer to the producer (at the lates 15/7) and start shipping for everyone ordered and make a completed payment.


  • 1 SET FULL = 1 T-shirt + 1 Banner + 1 elastic bangle = 10$ (USD)
  •  T-shirt: 9$/T-shirt
  •  Banner = 2$/banner
  • Elastic Bangle= 1$/bangle

 Special Gift:

  • For everyone who make over 2 SET:  we will present you 1 SET PHOTOCARD 

 Shipping Fee:

  • After we check and confirm your order, we will tell you the detail shipping fee which depends on your country you live recently 

 Payment Tutorial:

We will receive the payment through only Paypal

Address paypal: 8990sandy@gmail.com

After you send payment please following the steps beloved to confirm

 Order Form:

  • Please send email to KJSsmilevn@gmail.com
  • Title: [Order Fangooods] + Full name
  • The Content:
    • Full Name:
    • Phone Number (required):
    • Address delivery (must type clearly):
    • The quantiy of SET or other goods you order: (required size of T-shirt)
    • Total amount($):

After you sent payment please reply an email following

    • Title mail reply: [Completed payment ] Full name
    • Please type when you sent payment, and how much total? Name of Deposit  
    • Highly respect to caption yoru screen if you finish payment (use this when we can not confirm exactly whether you send or not)

 Q& A Board

Please comment here if you still confused anything, do not hesitate to ask us, we are pleasure to make clearly your confusing as soon as possible ^___^


Thanks for your supporting ^^

Best Regards.

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